Best sites to buy and sell Bitcoin in Nigeria

Are you a Bitcoin enthusiast in Nigeria and looking to buy or sell Bitcoin but are not sure of the right sites to make the move? If yes, then you are on the right page.

Well, if you are going through this, it is safe to assume that you already know the value of Bitcoin and its place in the league of cryptocurrencies. The truth remains if you are not dealing in cryptocurrency at the moment, you are definitely missing out on an opportunity – just to say.


Well, for those that already deal in Bitcoin and those planning to do so, contained in this article are some trusted sites where you can carry out Bitcoin transactions in Nigeria. Some of these sites are indigenous to Nigeria while others not.

That being said, below are trustworthy sites where you can buy bitcoin from and also sell Bitcoin in Nigeria.

How to recognise a Bitcoin Exchange in Nigeria

  • The website must be a registered and regulated by appropriate authority
  • Super-fast response and delivery
  • Openness in transaction
  • Responsive and top notch support team – sometimes operating 24 hours
  • Extremely reliable and trustworthy
  • Easy navigation

The most trusted and reliable sites to buy and sell Bitcoin in Nigeria

Still interested! All right, let me proceed by recommending best websites for Bitcoin transactions in Nigeria.


With its presence in over 30 countries, Remitano is one of the tested and trusted sites where you can buy and sell Bitcoin in Nigeria. It is one of the most prominent exchange sites in Nigeria where cryptocurrency traders can carry out Bitcoin transactions in Nigeria. This Bitcoin site makes use of Escrow in creating a connection between the buyer and the seller.

Escrow functions in a way that ensures fraud is avoided. How does this happen? It is pretty simple. When a buyer makes a request to buy Bitcoin, Remitano holds on to the Bitcoin until the seller confirms a receipt of payment. As soon as a receipt of payment is confirmed by the seller, you can have access to the Bitcoin that you paid for.

Well, fortunately, if the seller of the Bitcoin fails to confirm the receipt of payment, you will be able to access the Bitcoin you paid for even if you tender proof of payment. This is done to ensure that nobody loses. The seller does not elope with the buyer’s money without giving out Bitcoin in exchange and the buyer is unable to access Bitcoin until it has been confirmed that they actually did pay for it.

Although Remitano is famous for the sale and purchase of Bitcoin, its platform is not limited to just buying and selling of Bitcoin. Other cryptocurrencies can also be purchased on this platform. Some of them are Tether and Ethereum.


Naira4dollar is an indigenous site that has been in existence since 2006. This site offers many services. Among them are a platform for the sale and the purchase of Bitcoin. This site has offices in two major cities in Nigeria. They are also known for their efficiency and their safety.


Luno plays the role of a Bitcoin exchange site and also functions as a Bitcoin wallet provider. It has been in existence since 2013 and is a highly recommended site for anyone that wants to sell or buy Bitcoin in Nigeria. Prior to being known as Luno, it used to be called Bitx.

The implication of this is if you come across Bitx anywhere, you can be certain you are dealing with Luno. So far, Luno has been of service to more than 20 million cryptocurrency enthusiasts all over the world and is present in more than 40 countries.

This Bitcoin site has a very user-friendly platform. It also has an app for individuals that do not want to spend so much time on their site.

The fact that Luno is a wallet provider is a plus both for this site and anyone that is interested in purchasing Bitcoin from this site. If you want to enjoy use of this site, you should go ahead and get a Bitcoin wallet with them. This makes the purchase and sale of Bitcoin fast, cheap, and very easy.

Luno functions with debit and credit cards. This helps in taking away any impediment to your transactions. Well, as a crypto enthusiast that is not only interested in getting Bitcoin, you can also get Luno and Ethereum on this site.


If you are comfortable doing business with only sites that are indigenous to Nigeria, then, Nairaex might just be your favourite site to buy and sell Bitcoin.

Nairaex only deals in Bitcoin and has its office in Abeokuta. Well, the fact that Nairaex deals only in Bitcoin means you cannot visit this site when you want to deal with other types of digital currencies.

This site is not very recognised internationally. As a result of this, certain folks are scared of doing business with them. Well, the fact that they are not internationally recognised does not mean they cannot be trusted. Nairaex is reliable and can be reached via BBM and Twitter.

Within one hour, a transaction in Nairaex can be achieved.

Instant Gold Nigeria

Instant Gold Nigeria is the oldest cryptocurrency exchange site that is indigenous to Nigerians. Although famous for dealing in Bitcoins, this site is not limited just to Bitcoins. Instant Gold Nigeria deals in up to ten other cryptocurrencies apart from Bitcoin. With their head office at Ikeja, you can be sure that your transactions are in safe hands and will be kept as discreet as possible.


Bitdelia allows everyone to be part of this advanced financial system. From my analysis, Bitdelia passed has excelled in all angles and offers products and services which makes it possible for individuals and businesses to buy and sell cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, Ethereum and Litecoin .

In Bitdelia every customer can store bitcoins on the website in his own personal wallet . I mean if purchase of Bitcoin, ethereum, or litecoin, you can store directly in your Bitdelia Bitcoin wallet.

Bitdelia is one of the Bitcoin trading companies that has adopted the multisig wallet system which allows for maximum security of your coins.

How to register with Bitdelia

  • Create an account on by filling in your details
  • Log on to your dashboard
  • Click on buy or sell Bitcoins
  • Fill your details on the order form
  • Exercise some patience for your order to be processed in no time


  • Well, there you have it. Some of the most reliable sites in Nigeria to buy and sell Bitcoin. Although the sites on this article are not the only sites in Nigeria where one can sell or purchase Bitcoin, they stand out from some of the other sites because they can be trusted.



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